Activities in 2013

The parents of Samer Issawi, a Palestinian in prison in Israel and on hunger strike at the time of our visit

Brave young man in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem who told

how their family home had been partially occupied by Israelis in an

attempt to force the family to leave.


Visit to Palestine - April

A group from Walsall with friends from Halesowen visited Palestine for a study tour. The visit lasted 10 days and you can read the report here. Below are some of the photographs. To see more click here.



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The once bustling main street of Hebron, now divided by

the Israeli checkpoint (at rear of photo). Homes and shops now empty.

A Palestinian farmer near Salfeet whos house has been cut off from the rest of the village and from his land by the Apartheid wall. It now takes him anhour to reach his land compared to 3 minutes before the barrier was built.


Wonderful performance at the Girls' High School in celebration of

Palestinian prisoners

The boys' high school in Kobar